Liehsja has been teaching for over 10 years, and offers lessons on both the Celtic lever and Cassical pedal harps.

Young Learners: Liehsja teaches by ear for at least the first year as this secures sound technique. During this essential stage, students learn to play the tunes they love. Music reading is then introduced as an extra tool. Some of Liehsja's students go on to take ABRSM exams, others successfully apply to join Junior departments of London Music Colleges, and also the National Youth Harp Ensemble.

Adult Learners: Liehsja teaches many adults to play the harp. Learning by ear to start with tends to be very popular, as favourite tunes can be played straight away, while also securing sound technique. Some students prefer to avoid learning to read music altogether, which is absolutely fine. Others want to take an ABRSM exam. Liehsja teaches improvisation and also offers the chance to meet up with other adults to play together.

New Students

If you are interested in learning the harp with Liehsja give her a call to arrange an introductory lesson.

"Dear Liehsja,
On behalf of the Worshipful the Mayor of Gravesham and Mayoress I write to thank you, most sincerely, for coming and playing so beautifully for us at the civic dinner in Higham. To say that it was everything we had hoped is an understatement, you are truly talented and without your expertise the evening would not have been the same. We do with you every success in the future but especially with your workshop in Cambridge. I have told quite a few people about your website as I have had lots of enquiries. Thank you so much for making the evening so special and for coming all the way from Sussex to be with us. Yours sincerely, Maureen Stoneley, Mayor's PA."